I am always honored to photograph couples and Lia & Ross are definitely no exception.

Upon arriving to meet them at a little cafe, we just sat down together and spent the first hour just chatting about their lives together, their family, their journey to this most exciting time in their lives, and what it means to them.

Connecting with people on this kind of personal level is a priviledge and one of the biggest reasons I love photography and photographing people. We can capture so many feelings and emotions in a single frame to look back upon and relive over and over again and have an emotional connection with a story to tell.

After a great conversation with Lia and Ross, we had an incredible engagement photo session at the beach. The beach holds a very special place in their hearts as a couple, and with Ross originally being from Maine, we were able to bring a little bit of Maine inspiration to Connecticut.

The photo session went all the way through sunset and was their very first sunset to watch and enjoy together as they saw the sun fade behind the horizon. It was such a perfect end to their wonderful day. Moments like these are irreplaceable and should always be celebrated (and captured).