One thing about blogging weddings is there's never a good way to limit the amount of photos. The only thing I can hope to do is display some highlights enough to tell a story. However, I do feel that the entire story is with all of the wedding photos. After going through Kaitlyn and Daniel's photos to select which images to blog about, I found myself knowing there are also many sub-stories to their wedding day. I really wish I could fit it all in one blog post, but in that case, I'd be posting about 85% of their wedding photos. Everything from their great relationship with their families, wedding party, and all of their guests. Not to mention the amount of details, this blog post can get really out of hand with the amount of images quickly.

Every wedding has a great story to tell, so in Kaitlyn and Daniel's case, I just want to say how amazingly perfect they are together. Their personalities, the way their eyes lock when looking at one another, and don't forget he incredible support they give one another is something extremely special.

It may sound cliché when I say I am truly honored to have had the opportunity to get to know Kaitlyn and Daniel during their wedding planning journey, but in addition to that, something even more special, is how open they are with their lives and friendships with everyone. I would like just take a second to express a great big thank you to Kaitlyn and Daniel for not only for allowing me to get to know them so openly, but for also welcoming me like a true friend of the family.