Success can come in many different shapes and sizes.  You can have a success story that is very personal or business related, usually stemming from goals you set out to accomplish.  Whether on a very minor scale, or major, it doesn't matter, success should be considered a great accomplishment no matter what it means to other people.  Always do what makes you happy and don't ever stop until you reach those goals, and then push yourself even further.

This is exactly what Andrea Zola has done.

I have known Andrea for years and one thing I noticed is she is well driven and has accomplished many things in both her personal life as well as her  business career.  I have personally worked with Andrea on countless occasions, whether it be a photo shoot, a wedding, discussing business, or when I photographed her wedding just a few years ago.  Not only have I come to know Andrea as a fellow collegue and friend through the years, but also a successful business woman, and mom. 

Andrea has built her make-up business, MBD Beauty, from the ground up, and with many family ties within New Haven history, it's no surprise that Andrea has had the very same success.  Of course, as we all know, this takes a lot of hard work though as nothing is ever handed out or comes easy.  It's about the journey that takes you there, the hustle, the ups, downs, and carrying through the beyond. 

This past fall, Andrea opened up a new business that is an extension of her MBD Beauty business called Bar Beauty.  It's located on Wooster Street in New Haven, CT and is open 5 days a week.  It's New Haven's first and only Blow Out and Beauty Bar.  What does that mean though? Head on over to the Bar  Beauty website for a list of all their services and book an appointment today.  They also take walk-ins.

I was proud to attend Andrea's ribbon cutting ceremony and dedication to her new venture. Congratulations to Andrea, her drive and hustle is an inspiration to everyone, especially to women and mom's from all over.

What Andrea has accomplished thus far is incredible, and what's even more inspiring is she keeps pushing forward, doing all she can to make a difference.  If you know Andrea, you know she doesn't stop.  She truly loves what she does and it shows. I'm very much looking forward to see what's next for this super mom.

These are a few hand-picked photos I captured during Bar Beauty's grand opening ceremony with various news outlets and the mayor of New Haven, Toni Harp. Not to mention a few photos of Andrea with her daughter, Isabelle.