Music is an incredibly important part of my life and let's face it, we all listen to it on a daily basis in one way or another.  For me, it's a very strong and driving force in my photography work as well.  It's inspiring and has really helped shape me personally which has really had an effect on my style of photography and where my heads at when I work. 

I always have music on in my studio, and whenever someone visits I am always asked what I'm listening to.  This isn't just a topic to start conversation though.  Whether it be on a shoot, or just a meeting someone in my studio, it seems people I cross paths with are genuinely interested in the music I'm listening to. 

Today, I share it with all of you.  It's with great pleasure that I present to you my official Studio Soundtrack exclusively on Spotify.  I have been working on it for a while and I'm continuously adding to it, making other adjustments to perfect what works for me while I work, and what I like to put me in the mood of being inspired.

I have embedded the playlist in this blog for you to listen, but you can also subscribe to it via your free Spotify account and take it on the go.  All you need to do is click this link, open the playlist on the Spotify app, and click "Follow."  When you follow the playlist, you'll be automatically updated when I update it.  So as I add songs, take out songs, or re-arrange songs, you'll see it.

This is all completely free, so if you want to get into the music that's in regular rotation at David Apuzzo, Photography, please enjoy!!!  If you're interested in more of my playlists, feel free to follow me personally on Spotify to have free access to all my public playlists. 

In addition, I also love getting suggestions and being introduced to new music.  So if you'd like to suggest an artist, song, or playlist to me, please feel free to email me at

And again, if you'd like to get even more free access, you can follow more of my playlists and music interests by subscribing/following my Spotify Channel.