April 9, 2016 was a cold, rainy day. It was also the second home game of the 2016 season for the defending National League Champion, New York Mets. Having been to Citi Field this past fall for the playoffs and World Series, I was very much looking forward to seeing the boys in orange and blue again.

I made the trip with my good friend, Tom, and we had some awesome seats. Front row view, first base line, field level (as you'll see from the photos). The night before I really contemplated bringing my professional gear (Canon 5D Mark III with zoom lenses) to get some really great, up close shots. I decided against it when all I wanted to do was really enjoy the game as a fan, and take the night off from photography. Obviously, having my love of photography, I still wanted to document my journey. I decided to pack my Fuji x100 camera, which has a standard 20mm (non-zoom) wide angle lens, and capture my surroundings as I saw it, in simple black and white, while not trying to manipulate my view or angle. I like to call these shots my "snapshots."

It's always fun to attend a METS game, even if they lose a tough 1-0 game to the Phillies. Hanging out with my friend, taking photos, just enjoying the day. I plan on attending more games this year, and I'm looking forward to having a unique experience every time.