Have you ever felt lost and in need of being re-inspired? For me it's been a long time since I've photographed something new. By new, I mean something for me, something that I can be in a place of serenity.

I've lately begun to take my camera everywhere I go. This is something I have not done in quite some time. I don't think it has anything to do with not having the desire, but I feel I just got lost with everything that I've gone through in 2015. I guess subconsciously I've just wanted to be inspired and recapture whatever it was that I lost.

On a random Saturday in December, I went to a local music venue, the Outer Space, to check out a Holiday Bazaar with vendors selling various vintage merchandise and crafts of their own design. Immediately following the event, a friend of mine, Steve, who I've known for most of my life, was recording some of his music right next door. You see, Steve is the founder and owner of the Space, the Outer Space, and the Spaceland Ballroom in Hamden, CT. All three are music venues, all within the same parking lot, and all within walking distance from of one another. My friend Travis has his recording studio (Adorea Recording Studio), within the confines of the Space, where he works as a music producer.

The reason I knew Steve was recording with Travis was because upon my arrival to the bazaar, I overheard him speaking with Travis, in passing, about going next door to record. So after the bazaar was over, I headed over to the studio where they were recording (the Space), and just asked if I could hang out and snap some photos. I really wanted to be inspired and put myself in a state of calmness.

These are a few of the images I captured. I wanted to create the images with as much emotion as possible and bring out exactly what I was feeling as the viewer, while capturing the calmness of the room. Something smooth, relaxing, and the enjoyment of these small moments in life.

We all have our own story to tell. I walked away feeling inspired and it really gave me a new push to capture these moments and people's own journey in life. You get back what you put in, and with the effort, the outcome is so rewarding and beautiful. This winter will be a lot of self-reflecting and putting myself within these moments to capture. I am very excited and grateful to begin and share it with you all.

As I embark on this journey, I want to just breathe and simply enjoy life.

Thank you all for the continued support, I'm looking forward to exploring this new journey with all of you.