Kellie & Kyle had a beautiful and really fun autumn engagement session at Thorncrest Farm in Goshen, CT. I met up with Kellie and Kyle with my wife, Becky, at the farm not knowing what to expect as I have never been there before, but when Kyle told me they were known for their chocolates, I had to check this place out.

The farm is exactly what you would want to photograph in and around. There's a stockpile of hay, longhorns, awesome scenery, and of course, the chocolate. I'll say this, the chocolate, some of the best I've ever had. I was told that the animals at the farm are the one's that produce the milk for the chocolate, with certain chocolate's being specific to certain animals. The farm informed me that when they produce a new kind of chocolate, they actually test multiple animals and whichever one's milk tastes the best for that specific chocolate, that animal is then the exclusive producer of the milk for said chocolate. I think that's pretty incredible and shows that they really value the taste and brand of their chocolate. No wonder it's the best. We all walked away from the farm with not only great images, but we were also very well educated in the process.

But back to Kellie and Kyle. What an amazing couple. So genuine and they put so much care and love into family and all people around them. They completely welcomed my wife and I with open arms, and even gave us some pumpkins, squash, and gords for the autumn season. I know I say it often, but I sincerely can't wait to photograph their wedding on their special day. It's definitely going to be something special for everyone involved.