In just about a month from now, I will be marrying my fiancé at our wedding. A few weeks ago we mailed out our invitations, and since then, we have been receiving our response cards back from our guests letting us know whether or not they will be able to attend the wedding.

Yesterday (April 22, 2015), when checking the mail for more response cards, we received a suspicious letter from someone in New York. I was a little nervous and hesitant to even open it because of all the weird things that have happened through the mail service, but after reading "Photo Please do not bend" on the outside of the envelope, I felt the envelope, and there seemed to be something inside which represented a cardboard feel, much like the same size and feel of our response cards. Since we had received three other responses yesterday and this letter was among them, I figured maybe the response cards had something to do with this letter, so we opened it up.

What we found inside was awesome! It was a very thought out and well written letter from a man by the name of Robert Schulz, who is a complete stranger to us. In this letter, Robert explained how he received the letter inside one of the magazines in his own mailbox.

What was even more interesting is the letter never made it through the postal service. We know this because the stamp on the response envelope was never processed. This means Robert, rather than easily dropping the unsent letter back in the mail box for it to have a chance to reach us, he wrote us this letter that we will now hold onto as a great memory of our wedding planning. Robert, not knowing what was inside the envelope, even thought it might have been an invitation to a "cookout."

The letter reads as follows:

    Richmond Hill, NY
    Sent 18 Apr 2015

    Dear People,

    The other day I received by the post two catalogues - one from Calela's, of Sidney, Nebraska; the other from Whatever Works of Chelmsford, MA. The communication with this letter fell out of one of them. As you can see, it never went through normal postal channels, and lacks a return address. So I'm sending on to the address for which it was intended, as it seems to be an invitation to a cook-out or something.

    I sincerely hope all works out well.

    Yours Truly
    Robert Schulz

    PS. Richmond Hill is a small section of Queens, County, New York - which itself is one of the five boroughs that make of the City of Greater New York.

We are very thankful for Robert's kind action that we plan on writing him a letter back just to say thank you. His kindness, as simple as it was in a letter, really helps restore faith that there really are kind people out there. I especially love the "PS" history lesson where he told us about his hometown.

I hope this blog post can tell a story of no matter how small you may think a random act of kindness is, it really means a lot to the people on the receiving end of it. Thank you Robert for your letter and creating a great memory for us to remember for years to come.