Words can not accurately describe how amazingly beautiful of a wedding Jodi and David had, and I'm not talking about the details either. You know, the dress, the shoes, the guest cards, the ceremony site, those kinds of details. Although those were beautiful too, but it all took a back seat to how much of an awesome, sweet, and adorable couple Jodi and David are.

Jodi and David kept telling me through their wedding preparation process that they were keeping it simple, doing everything themselves, and just wanted to have a great time. However, when I showed up to photograph the wedding day, I was totally floored by the attention to details they had. Yes, it was all very beautiful (I think I've used that word twice already), but at the same time, very simple. I can only imagine the amount of time they put into everything, such as the handmade bouquet Jodi made for herself out of books. Even the guestbook pen looked incredible, that's how much detail was put into everything.

But enough about the details, you'll see how incredible those are in the photos.

Let's talk about Jodi and David. Sure, David's a tall guy, may look intimidating, but David is truly a big teddy bear. All I saw was smiles and his eyes open up wide whenever Jodi's around. For Jodi, she's just as sweet. Watching her walk down the aisle and seeing David for the first time was incredible just to experience. Even during the ceremony, so many smiles, laughs, everything about it was just so adorable and sweet.

Once the ceremony was over, the formals could not have gone smoother, I seriously felt so relaxed photographing their wedding day.

The reception was fun, we even got to get away towards the end to do a few more portraits of Jodi and David in the loft area of the venue.

I am truly honored to have been able to capture Jodi and David's wedding day. I loved the rustic feel, the simple, yet very intricate details, but most of all the love between Jodi and David was just beautiful.

Photography by David Apuzzo, Photography
Hair/MUA: Makeup by Dilieto
Venue: Bill Miller's Castle