I met Freddy B years ago when he worked at Cafe Nine, a small bar in New Haven, CT. I got to really know Freddy a lot more though last year. At this time, I learned that he had been through cancer twice, once in 2011 and again in 2013.

Over the summer last year, I got a phone call from my very good friend Eric Schrader. At this time, I had known Freddy had been going through treatments and Eric was soon moving to Los Angeles to pursue his career in film. Eric called me one day and said he wanted to do something for Freddy before he left for LA, maybe do some portraits. I immediately agreed and so Eric brought Freddy down to my studio in Hamden, CT and we took a couple of hours to talk, shoot some photos, and just be in good company with one another.

Fast forward a couple months later, Freddy called me and wanted to use one of those portraits for his new album he was releasing. I immediately gave him the ok, it was an honor.

Shortly after that, Freddy called me again and wanted to secure me for a project he was working on with a group of musicians for his latest album release. We had a great sit down talk at my studio and I learned so many things about Freddy I had never known before. Most notably, how passionate he was about his music, his process, and the people that surround him through his journey. During this talk of really getting to know Freddy, I knew we had to not only take band photos (which was his first request), but to also document the process and celebrate who he is through images.

A few days before we were supposed to take band photos, Freddy called me up and mentioned a couple of them wouldn't be able to make it and we had to reschedule. At that point I convinced Freddy to have us get together anyway and shoot something. I knew he had plans to go and record that day, so I made plans to hop in the car, head to the recording studio, and celebrate Freddy and his band by documenting their recording process.

These are the some of the images of the day.

I can't express enough how great of a human being Freddy is. He's very passionate, he spreads love everywhere he goes, and is just the sweetest dude. If you have the opportunity to cross paths with Freddy, you'll instantly agree with all of these great traits he has.

I also can't express my incredible thanks enough to Freddy for putting his trust in me to have the opportunity to create these images. There's something extremely therapeutic with just sitting back, enjoying, and documenting a process such as recording an album while surrounding yourself with positive vibes and inspiration.

To read more, learn more, and hear more from Freddy and his band, Professor B and the Army of Love, please check out his website at http://professorb1.org. I really urge you to read Freddy's "About" page to see how Freddy has really turned the page with his music and view of life, it's truly inspiring. Through his struggles, through his music, even through his bouts with cancer, Freddy is the definition of love and inspiration. Always optimistic, always pushing to celebrate people, and in a heartbeat, always there for everyone that crosses his paths.

Some call him Professor B, some call him Freddy B, some may even just call him Fred.
I just call him a great friend.