I met Brie at a group photo shoot with a number of fellow photographers and models as part of a fun day of getting together, shooting, sharing ideas, an afternoon of creativity, and creating images together. I had heard that Brie had a really great and inspirational story that needed to be told, and what better way, then to back it up with some photos she can be really proud of? So we planned a day for a one on one photo shoot, had Hair/MUA Andrea DiLieto on board, and the rest is history.

I asked Brie to tell me her story, and this is exactly what she said…

"My journey to overall health and wellness began about 3 1/2 years ago. I had always been overweight, and constantly struggled with a positive body image. I was raised around a family of people who were also very body conscious, frequently dieting; losing and regaining weight. It's been an issue for most of my family members, and we all were hooked on damaging habits. I come from a large Italian family, where we celebrate and love with food! That relationship became dangerous as I would mindlessly over eat, stress eat, and connect so much emotion to what, and when I ate. When I stepped on the scale after Christmastime in January of 2011, I vowed that I would take control of my weight, shed the 20 lbs I'd packed on in the 5 months since my wedding, and my lifetime of insecurity and unhealthy habits. I wanted to be free from the binds of an unhealthy lifestyle and the negative feelings associated with my behaviors.

Finding Joy Perugini and Core Studio, in Plainville, CT and it's supportive community of members truly changed who I am for the better. I no longer feel like the same person. I started at Core in January 2011, hoping to try Zumba, and become more active in order to reach some very specific weight loss goals. I always danced (ballet mostly) but never really challenged myself physically. I began pushing myself outside my comfort zone by taking new classes, lift weights, and doing yoga. I also participated in a Belly Flattening Nutritional Bootcamp offered at the studio, and learned about how to properly fuel my changing, newly athletic body. I became more aware of my body's needs, and learned how make wholesome dietary choices that made me feel good. My progress and overall improved wellness became a new healthy addiction and helped me shape new positive habits.

Core Studio and the exceptional community of people there helped to bring out a happier version of myself; one I respect. I'm tackling challenges I'd never have thought I could accomplish, and feel strong. I enjoy a variety of exercise from running, and tackling handstands, to Zumba, weight lifting, and yoga, among others. I try to exercise daily, and it no longer feels like a chore! I've learned to love being fit! In conjunction with exercise, I'm always working to more effectively nourish my body, focusing on eating mostly whole, organic foods, properly hydrating my body, and minimizing sugar. I have dropped 45 pounds and reached the goal I originally set for myself back in 2011. But, I'll keep working on myself! I strive to be better in all avenues of my life and to inspire and support others in their own unique ventures to wellness and happiness! Core and Joy have helped me develop a new, confidence and positive body image! Also the discipline, self respect, and knowledge to keep reaching toward new goals for a lifetime of well-being."

Needless to say, Brie is a true inspiration, I just hope this blog is able to reach an audience that can really be inspired by her non-stop journey of setting goals, sticking to them, overcoming obstacles, learning from the struggle, and living it to the fullest.