Sara and Alex had hired me to photograph their wedding almost a year ago. They were going to have a very small wedding with close friends and family, but then decided to get married and have a wedding for just them. Even though they held a very small, informal ceremony back in CT, they made it official down in the Cayman Islands.

They originally wanted me to cover their wedding in Connecticut, but as they changed their plans, I was honored to be asked to come along with them. Not only was it the most relaxing four days ever, a week before Christmas, but was one of the sweetest, laid back, and comfortable weddings I have ever been a part of. It was just simply Sara, Alex, less than a handful of friends and family that were there, and a perfect setting at sunset for their ceremony, as you'll see from the images below - Be sure to click the thumbnails for higher quality views.

My girlfriend Becky had come with me, of course, and ended up providing hair and make up services for Sara. It was the very least we could offer for everything they did for us. I really do need to thank Sara and Alex for all of their hospitality and having myself and my girlfriend, Becky, be a part of such a great day.