Growing up in a local music scene has really made me appreciate many things. One of those things led me to where I am today in my photography. As you may have read from a previous post, I got my official start in photography back in college when I took courses and photographed a lot of rock shows. Recently I had the pleasure of working with my good friend, Eric Schrader, on a music video for his new band "Killer Kowalski." This was no ordinary video though, as you will see below.

Eric has had a few bands he has played with in the past, but this one is a little bit different. This band's story goes back almost a year ago when Eric met his lead singer, Leah Booker Lorenzo ( of Farewood). Both were chosen at random to be in a band together for two weeks during New Haven's Ideat Village "Rock Lottery." If you are not familiar with Ideat Village, it is an "organically sprouted, direct response to the vanishing opportunities for local artists to participate in New Haven's multi-million dollar International Festival of Arts and Ideas." The events are produced each year entirely on small independent donations and community goodwill; the festival is run by artists, for artists and the community.

After Ideat Village, Eric and Leah stayed in contact and started collaborating on music. After talks of this project, Eric and Leah had never once rehearsed together in the same room. The entire Killer Kowalski album was written over the internet, through email and social media. Eric had written the music, while Leah provided the lyrics and melodies. Eric then called on long time friend, Nick Bellmore (Toxic Holocaust), to record and play drums on the record.

The album was recorded at Nick's studio, Dexter's Lab (Milford, CT), while Producer/Engineer Greg DiCrosta mixed and mastered the album. Greg has an endless list of credentials, as he works with many great bands such as Hatebreed and Damone.

Killer Kowalski is:

Leah Booker Lorenzo - Vocals
Sara Tomassetti - Drums
Eric Michael Schrader - Rhythm Guitar
Eric Ieraci - Lead Guitar
Mike Sembos (of The Backyard Committee) - Bass.

Check out the music video for their first single "Pull Me Down," as well as a handful of production stills that I photographed during the process. This music video was produced on a zero dollar budget, and we were able to include a lot of our own friends and toys (yes, toys) we have come to love while growing up.

Special thanks to Steve Rodgers and The Outer Space music venue for having us and giving us a venue to film this video.