For five consecutive Thursday's, I had the pleasure of working with a handful of great people who wanted to know just a little bit more about photography. Starting from basic DSLR controls, all the way to a hands on experience with some studio lighting. I prefer to call it simply, controlled lighting, as we really just covered the basic knowledge to notice where light comes from and how it will affect every image you photograph. I loved working with everyone, and the fact that it was a very diverse class with different interests of photography made it all more interesting for me. I was able to teach these students basic controls while putting them each into their own situations. Whether it be a portrait, a sporting event, rock concert, or just as simple as photos of still life, everyone had something different to bring to the table. During the last class, which took place at my studio in Hamden, CT, we went over some basic lighting to teach how light will no doubt affect every image from one angle to the other. My good friend Peter Krol came along too and shot this short behind the scenes film to share. This class was a collaboration between myself and Hamden MotoPhoto Portrait Studio (where I held my first photo 9-5 job). Thanks to all the students and Hamden MotoPhoto for making it possible, I look forward to even more classes in the future. Also another special thank you to our model for the day Barbara Mach for coming through on such short notice.