We may only be a little over a month into 2017, but there has been much planning on where I see the direction of my photography and business going moving forward.

I have been a full-time studio for 11 years now, and as I look back, there has clearly been a big change in the direction of my photography. It's incredible to look back on older shoots, think to where I was in life in that moment of time, and reflect on my journey to today. Like many people, I have not only grown as a person through this time, but I've also been connecting how it all relates within my photography.

In 2017, my path has taken me to look at things in more of a "documentary" or "lifestyle" point of view. Mainly of people that I am surrounded with. Whether it be someone in their natural element of hobbies or work, a stranger that crosses my path in life that I want to document, a friend or relative, or even models in a more lifestyle-candid setting. I find myself wanting to capture more of real life, within the world we live in, and telling those stories through my images. With this, I mean, no crazy elaborate set-ups, not overthinking the lighting process, just keeping everything as simple and natural as possible.

Even when working with my couples on their wedding and engagement sessions, I want to tell more of a story through their images. More candid, more in the moment, connecting with them and their personalities to tell their story. Less posing and nothing forced.

With this, I plan to have a more regular series of blogs for keeping my stories told and up to date. For years I have had this platform to speak out about my journey, and although I can't make up for lost time and missed opportunities, I'm ready to start it off right, and all over again.

In addition to my photography journey, I will also be sharing some more personal stories and interests through this blog. I really hope you enjoy what's to come, I'm very excited to finally start telling these stories.

Thank you for reading.

-David Apuzzo