One style of photography that caught my interest more in 2016 has been "Lifestyle Portrait Photography." I like the look of my subject being casual while in life moments. Sure, some images are composed photos, but with the mixture of proper wardrobe mixed with location and of course, the subject, it's meant to tell a story and for me, feel in the moment.

2016 was a year of exploring new ways of connecting and photographing my subjects to their images. Lifestyle portrait photography is often translated in a number of ways. When you view my lifestyle photos, it's about the mixture of location, subject, wardrobe, and comfortability in the most natural of settings to help tell a story.

These images of Saragrace were taken in downtown New Haven, CT and was a great test to jumpstart me into seeing my subjects in a different way. I have many more shoots from 2016 that I will be posting on my blog soon, so stay tuned.

To see more Lifestyle Portraits, please visit my Lifestyle Portfolio.

SaraGrace_Lifestyle_DavidApuzzo_CT01.JPG SaraGrace_Lifestyle_DavidApuzzo_CT02.JPG SaraGrace_Lifestyle_DavidApuzzo_CT03.JPG SaraGrace_Lifestyle_DavidApuzzo_CT04.JPG SaraGrace_Lifestyle_DavidApuzzo_CT05.JPG SaraGrace_Lifestyle_DavidApuzzo_CT06.JPG

SaraGrace_Lifestyle_DavidApuzzo_CT07.JPG SaraGrace_Lifestyle_DavidApuzzo_CT08.JPG SaraGrace_Lifestyle_DavidApuzzo_CT09.JPG SaraGrace_Lifestyle_DavidApuzzo_CT10.JPG SaraGrace_Lifestyle_DavidApuzzo_CT11.JPG SaraGrace_Lifestyle_DavidApuzzo_CT12.JPG
SaraGrace_Lifestyle_DavidApuzzo_CT13.JPG SaraGrace_Lifestyle_DavidApuzzo_CT14.JPG SaraGrace_Lifestyle_DavidApuzzo_CT17.JPG
SaraGrace_Lifestyle_DavidApuzzo_CT15.JPG SaraGrace_Lifestyle_DavidApuzzo_CT16.JPG SaraGrace_Lifestyle_DavidApuzzo_CT18.JPG