I have the honor of knowing Michael since the spring of 2006. At that time he was hosting a local entertainment show on public access. Shortly thereafter I noticed him being very successful off of being a YouTube personality. In fact, Michael is one of the original personalities when YouTube made it's start and has even reached one million subscribers.

His success has brought him to co-host with Kelly Ripa on Live with Kelly, as well as many other television appearances. Just recently, Michael appeared on the Ricki Lake Show (which I'm not gonna lie, was completely surprised to even hear she still had a show) to discuss on a panel with other YouTube personalities and celebrities on what it's like to be successful and recognized from a web site like YouTube.

Michael and I have not had an updated promo shoot for himself in about 5 years or so, and now with a lot of great new things going on with his career, it was due. Looking back at the original photos that we shot that have lasted him so long, I am proud to see my own progression as well. When I worked with Michael as he was making his way up the social media ladder, I too was just getting started myself in my photography career.

It's really a great feeling to see things come full circle and I could not be prouder and more excited for Michael, he's one of the nicest persons to know, and an inspiration to so many people trying to break through via social media.

One of Michael's new ventures is a resident host at ConnecTV, while still hosting is weekly YouTube show "What the Buck?", amongst others.

Make sure you check him out on YouTube, and Like his page on Facebook and follow him on Twitter via @buckhollywood to keep up to date on all he has going on, you'll be glad you did.

The reason we used a white background on these photos is because with all of the social media that Michael is involved with, we needed something that he could easily be cut out of and placed in various web ads, posters, and magazine layouts.