It's been almost eight years since the Connecticut based pop-punk band, Grover Dill, had taken the stage. But on December 23, 2011 at Daniel Street Club in Milford, Connecticut, Grover Dill was back for a one night only show.

This band really means a lot to me personally, and this night really brought back a lot of fond memories. I have known the Grover Dill boys growing up in Hamden, CT since we were kids, and in 2003 I had the fortunate pleasure of hitting the road with them on a cross country tour. The tour brought us to places like Cleveland, St. Louis, the rocky mountains of Colorado, California, Arizona, Texas, and of course all of the states in between. It was such an incredible experience, spending two and a half weeks in a van, watching the guys play the shows, and taking in all of the sites. I mostly was there for covering the tour with photos, video, selling the bands merchandise, and working as the bands tour manager.

Being at the show also reminded me of where I came from and why I was so amped up on photography in the first place, to photograph live rock shows and promotional band photos. I must say, it was a little interesting shooting digital, as the last time I photographed them was on my Pentax ZX-30 (35mm film) camera. The times have changed, but the music still held up, and overall, I was really excited to see the guys play together again.

So a big shout out to Eric, Nick, Pete, Frank, and Zippi. Thank you for all the memories and allowing me to relive them again for one night in person, and take these images for a lifetime.

Oh, and one more shout out to my buddy Tim for his appearance as Santa Claus. This is definitely a night I am going to remember for a really long time.