To say "it's been a year" is a bit of an understatement. The year started off like any other year, high hopes, excitement, and high energy to take on the new year. 

Then February and March hit and the entire world got flipped, turned upside down (sorry for the 'Fresh Prince of Bel Air' reference). It's been a big struggle for many not only emotionally, physically, and mentally, but also financially. With the economy taking a big hit, the businesses that took the biggest hit is that of small business. 

All small businesses have seen a great change in not only their bank account, but also in how to conduct business. Most businesses have had to go through great transformations to stay afloat and honestly, I'm no different. I too have had to make the necessary adjustments to remain busy while being able to pay my business and every day livelihood bills.

I have been extremely fortunate that the landlord for my studio has been super supportive and understanding enough to have waived my rent since March and as a result, I've been able to survive financially to keep the studio. However, now with the second wave of Covid-19 happening as we speak (and the numbers appearing to be far worse than the first time around), I'm not sure how much longer that will last. As difficult as it is to say, I may lose the studio after 12 years if things don't get back to a regular routine of income soon.

Please understand, this blog post is by no means a cry for help. The purpose of this post is to hopefully show how real the situation is with these small businesses closing. Some things are happening behind the scenes that no one knows about. Some people don't like to talk about the struggle, but believe me, it's there. I'm really hoping we can take this information and lead to helping and support each other so all of these small business workers can continue to do what they love each and every day and eventually, hopefully, put this year behind them. Look, as much as we hate to admit it, we do not know what 2021 will bring. We do not know how much longer the pandemic will last, when a vaccine will be approved, or when a vaccine will be fully available to the public. We all talk about looking forwrad to 2021, but the reality is, just because the clock will strike midnight on December 31st to ring in the new year 2021, it's not a switch that automatically makes everything all of a sudden "back to normal."

If we don't start supporting local now, your favorite small businesses may not have a business for much longer. Can you even imagine not being able to go back to your favorite restaurant, bar, or mom and pop shop in the very near future? I know I can't. It's devastating to even think about. 

We need to recognize this now even more than we did in the Spring time because there's some businesses and workers that will absolutely not survive a second wave. That is a FACT. Small businesses are struggling hard. Restaurants, Mom & Pop shops, self-employed "service" businesses, creatives such as musicians and artists who no longer have an outlet to share their talents, and even the industry that plagues most of my business, the wedding industry only begin to scratch the surface.


So what can we do to help? Oh, there's so much we can do!! 

1. Buy a gift card!!! The holidays are coming up and if you shop local small businesses, they may have the chance to survive and pay their bills now, while you can enjoy their products and services later. Obviously they make great gifts too, so share the experiences with friends and family!!

2. Share your favorite businesses on social media. It literally costs you ZERO DOLLARS to do this. Likes and comments are great, but make sure to SHARE your favorite businesses on your social media or through word of mouth. There are so many businesses offering discounts and specials for the holidays to take advantage of. Think about this; if you share your favorite businesses on social media (or word of mouth) and it can generate just one new customer for them in the process, it can go a very long way - in some cases it can save an entire business from folding.

3. Support local artists and other creatives. There are so many creative people out there in your own community doing really great things. Whether it's a musician trying to get their music heard, an artist selling a t-shirt or enamel pin they designed, a photographer/painter/illustrator selling prints or canvases as wall art for your home, or even a home decor designer making something as simple as ornaments for the holiday, just to name a few, they're all out there. The point is, I can guarantee you know someone that is creating some kind of art. Not only is purchasing any type of art helping them financially, but it also gives an added boost of confidence to creatives to do even more and helps them want to further grow and pursue their art.

These are just 3 easy ways to support local businesses. Let's all do our part and keep the local economy alive by supporting our favorite small businesses this holiday. 

Like other small businesses, I too am jumping on the "Black Friday Sale" deals. I am doing this for a number of reasons and I'm going to be very honest with you about why. The first is very obvious, I want my business to succeed and survive the long winter. As I said above, I do not know if or when I'll have to close my actual studio space, but with a little help, I can come closer to guarantee of holding onto it a bit longer. Second, because of you, my couples, families, and friends, I have had great opportunities to work with you while growing as a photographer and reformatting my business this year, which I wouldn't have been able to do without your support. I've been been very fortunate to have booked family sessions and a few portrait sessions to help fill up my calendar with all the wedding and engagement postponements this year, so THANK YOU for giving me this gift to get out there and work (safely, of course). I hope these deals for the holiday can help you with not only having unique photographic experiences for your own families, creating stories to tell and capturing legacies, but also help your pocket to have a little bit extra to put towards other small businesses that could use your help as well. Lastly, You will be helping my business grow, be more creative, and have more to look forward to as the country turns for the better. I can't wait to work with all of you and I promise to give everyone my all with every single booking or product purchase.

Seriously, THANK YOU!!! Your support is so very much appreciated through and through, and with that being said, these are my BLACK FRIDAY SALES!!!



**Family shoots and day sessions / lifestyle, environmental, promotional portraits must be booked with a deposit by Monday, November 30th, but can be scheduled for any time after Monday, November 30th. Remaining balance due the date of scheduled shoot.

If you'd like to purchase a gift card, products, or book a shoot, please send me a direct email to, or follow this link and fill out the contact form with your information. I'm really looking forward to hearing from you and helping in any way I can.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that we need to be there for one another. There is always someone struggling a little more each and every day. This is just one way we can come together and help. Please join my wife and I as we support local small businesses this holiday. 

Please stay safe, be well, happy holidays, and thank you!!
- David Apuzzo