Hi Friends,

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during these trying times.

With the Covid-19 pandemic hitting us hard right now, this is definitely a super rough time for us all. Things are especially tough for everyone out of work, including all small business owners and other creatives. 

As you know, being in an industry that strives on social gatherings such as weddings and family events, my entire career is being affected and tested. I have already had a wedding postpone to a new date in September, which fortunately enough, I did still have available. However, a second wedding has postponed to a date I am now not available. This means I will either have to cancel my contract with them, or try and find an associate photographer to cover me for their wedding. Either option though, it’s a loss of expected income. 

As more these weddings and other events postpone to different dates, it also locks me out of new potential clients and work I may have been able to  book for the future - and sadly, even into 2021. Seriously, it’s a mess and can affect my expected yearly income greatly.

Obviously, it goes without saying, it's sure to be an extremely tough couple months as both myself and my wife will not have any income coming in. During this time, we will be relying on our savings to support our family.

With my wife and I being shut down and out of work for (at least) the next 2 months, I'd like to tell you about some cool exclusive ideas and rewards I will be offering to anyone interested. It's going to be a bit of a journey ahead and I would love for you to join me.

I have set up a Patreon

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a subscription based website that you can subscribe to creatives to help fulfill their creative ideas while involving and including their community of monthly subscribers.

By subscribing to my Patreon, you will gain DAILY UPDATES with exclusive behind the scenes access, as well as receive early access to new work, posts, and other exclusive stories and information.

I am also offering a 2 special tiers where you'll be able to video chat with me as a group or one-on-one!! You can have your very own questions answered or just talk about life and photography.  We can cover any topics you like. Basic photography, the business aspect, editing, production, really anything you can imagine. 

You can subscribe for as long as you like, 1 month, 2 months, a year, there is absolutely no commitment. Just know, you'd really be helping out a small business and family when we need it the most.

What do you get as a subscribed Patron?

You'll have complete access to exclusive content such as behind the scenes photos, posts, stories, video, chat, and much more. 
In addition to the exclusive content, you can also have physical rewards as a thank you. This is in the form of exclusive prints.

What does it cost?

There are a number of subscription tiers to choose from. You can subscribe for as little as $1 per month.

For as low as $1 a month, you'll also get 100% exclusive content. You'll also gain exclusive access to my Discord Chat with myself and all other David Apuzzo Patrons. You can ask questions, we can talk photography, life stories & experiences, all while building a great community of positivity together.

Where do I see these exclusive posts?

There's a few ways you can access Patreon.

1.  You will be able to opt-into receiving updates in your email that will link you to each post.
2.  You can download the Patreon app for your iOS or Andoid devices.
3.  You can easily access my Patreon directly anytime at http://patreon.com/davidapuzzo

The Goal:

To create a community on this Patreon page where, as a subscriber, you'll be able to follow along with me and get exclusive access while gaining all of these personal and  photography experiences yourself. In the end, you'll be supporting a small business and family in a need to support a household and and helping us make the most of an awful situation. 

On a Personal Note:

I subscribe to a number of creatives on Patreon and it's such a great feeling and super fun to follow their own passions and feel a part of someone's progress in their creative journey. I would highly urge you to look around Patreon's website for other creatives as well. 

I greatly appreciate any and all support everyone has given me, and continues to give. It is truly inspiring and humbling when anyone expresses an interest in what I love and my passion in photography.

If you are not able to subscribe, but maybe know someone who would be, I would greatly appreciate if you'd pass along the information.  Even a $1.00 subscription will go a long way.  

If you have any questions at all about Patreon, please feel free to contact me directly. I'll be more than happy to answer any of your questions or concerns.

Thank you all so much. If this is something that might be of interest to you, you can get started by clicking the button below and making your pledge. You'll be able to select from a number of tiers with various rewards, all of which are listed by clicking the link below.

Stay safe, healthy, and have fun!

- David Apuzzo