We all come to a time in our respected careers and art that we want to try something new. By trying something new, we want to reach out of our comfort zones and take new approaches.

One day while going through some portrait images I had recently photographed, I took a second and thought about a new way of lighting a subject that I hadn't tried before. From that, my concept of a portrait series started to take shape without even realizing it.

I wanted to open this project to anyone that would be interested. What started out as stepping out of my comfort zone technically, started to transform into portraits of every day people that have their own stories, and how can I photograph them to bring out their own personalities of who they are.

By posting an open call on my Facebook page, I found myself with a very welcoming and warm response. I ended up with a handful that believed in my idea that would be readily available for my portrait day. One of them was my friend Tom Nelson, who I met in my college years at the Hartford Art School. Tom, who is a great cinematographer, agreed to come aboard and put together a short documentary film on the process during the day of shooting.

Now that it was all in place, I felt it was also a great opportunity to put my project to good use and reach out in the community to raise awareness for the American Heart Association. All proceeds from my open call portrait series benefit the American Heart Association. There are many reasons for my decision to donate on this topic personally, so I found it to be an amazing opportunity to give back at the same time of building personal growth in my skills.

I was never in this project to make money. As an artist, there always needs to be a time of clarity and reinventing yourself artistically and mentally. For me, this is one of those times, a way to reinvent myself by stepping out of my comfort zone.

I couldn't thank everyone enough that has already believed in my project and supported me in the beginning stages. This is in no way the end of the series, hopefully it's just the first chapter. I hope to look back on this experience as the project moves forward and be able to not only progress artistically, but also to learn from my mistakes and non-mistakes.

That is the great thing about stepping out of what you're used to. We all are going to make mistakes, but if we don't try something new, we will never know of what our true capabilities are. We will learn from our mistakes, make adjustments, and even learn to refine non-perfected ideas into something of perfection.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog, checking out the images and film, and I look forward to building this project as time goes on.

This will be a continuous open call, so for anyone who is interested, please feel free to send an email to me directly at david@davidapuzzo.com.

Thanks to the models who have made this possible: Georgina Williamson, Matthew Cerrone, Rose Darst, Ashlei Ulm, Alissa Ouellette, Erin Infantino, and Daina Waugh.

Special thanks to Erin Infantino and Alissa Ouellette of Simply Gorgeous by Erin for providing hair and make-up services to our models, and to Tom Nelson and Stephen Barrante for putting together an incredible short documentary film.