When you wake up in the morning, you sometimes never know what to expect the day will bring you. The weather, music, inspiration, and frame of mind all need to be in synch to create the tone and feelings behind your thoughts of work.

For the past few months I have been photographing mostly weddings, and in between, photographing portraits in a way to teach me how to have more control over lighting, white balance, and tones.

Keeping it simple, nothing too dramatic or bright (like what I am mainly used to). I have just been wanting to create simple imagery with a striking feel. A simplicity that will draw your eye and not the crazy textures and tones that I am accustomed to.

I might call it a transition stage in my career from time to time, but I feel as an artist that you always have to take the time to try something new. No matter how long it takes, how frustrating it may be, and certainly learning from your own mistakes.

With this, I will be creating a new series of portraits. Something I am approaching in a different way with lighting, processing, progression, and style than I usually work.

One thing that I love about creating images that I do, is that it's something I can do on my own, for me, no one there to judge. It gives me a sense of peace, and with this new portrait project I have begun to pursue, it has really given me new life and motivation to really take in all of the details of a different side of colors, tones, white balancing, and lighting that I haven't quite looked at this way before.

It's going to take some time, but I'm ok with that. I am going to take my time, do it the way I want, and begin to grow through the process.

I read a quote from singer/songwriter Eddie Vedder that read "If people don't like what I'm doing I really don't have time to hear it. I'm doing something good with my life and I challenge them to do the same."

Funny how things happen. I was thinking about this post and once I read that, it sums it all up at once. It's a perfect example to do things in your life because you want to succeed at it, no matter what it may be, or what anyone says about it.

I hope you all enjoy the new series I am about to embark on, I'll keep you posted through the process. The image below is a small sample of the type of imagery that will be portrayed in the new portrait series.

Thanks for all the support, truly appreciate you taking the time to pay attention to myself and my work.