Good day to you all, and to all you photographers out there, this post is especially for you.

For weeks now I have been thinking about how we all seem to work together, share ideas, and how we should all continue to grow in our craft. I have been extremely fortunate enough to be where I am today in the world of photography from hard work, drive, and continuing to stay fresh in my work by trial and error efforts. With this, I want to give back to all of you.

I have discussed with many photographers in my area what types of lighting they are using in a photo shoot or while shooting a wedding. All of their answers have been anywhere from natural light, bounced flash, one or two studio lights (usually an AB400 or AB800), all the way to a very extensive studio lighting set up. The most common ground in my discoveries has been a standard 2 light set up. Sometimes it's with two small soft boxes, two large soft boxes, a mixture between the two, or umbrellas both bouncing light and shoot through.

There are many photographers out there in this world that do make a living on many layers of experience, amount of equipment, and overall knowledge of camera/lighting basics. We all need to be able to utilize what we have access to in the best possible way. Don't have 2, 3, or 4 lights? Why should that stop you? There are so many tricks of the trade that we can all do to still create incredible images, and isn't this why we do what we do? To make incredible images through our lens and vision? No one should ever say they can't create something mind-blowing simply because of their inexperience or lack of resources. What we all do have in common is our drive and ability to become more knowledgeable in our own crafts, and make ourselves more aware of the possibilities that can be achieved.

This upcoming March (actual date is to TBD), I am going to hold a two light seminar, FREE OF CHARGE to 5 lucky photographers out there. In photography, lighting is everything. In this seminar, We will discuss how to utilize your very own resources in the best way possible. Whether it be a mixture of two different light sources, just two of the same, this seminar will definitely help you achieve what every photographer needs to know; how to become a master of light.

The seminar will last a full day and take place at my studio in Hamden, CT. We will have a model, hair and make up artist on site as we shoot, discuss, and learn together. Since it is only open to 5 photographers, there is a little homework assignment for you to apply for a chance to be selected.

If interested all you need to do is send an e-mail to david@davidapuzzo.com, or fill out the contact form on the about page providing the following information:


But most importantly, I want you to write why you need to take this seminar. Just about 4-5 sentences will do, but if you do feel the need to be the next Henry David Thoreau and compose a novel to me, please feel free.

Your entry must be in no later than Monday, March 5th. The selection process will happen that week and the winners will be announced that Saturday, March 10th, right here on this blog post. All winners will be contacted directly through phone or email. Best of luck to you all, I can't wait to start reading your emails.

If you are not picked, please don't worry, I plan on holding different seminars similar to this in the future. If you have any further questions, please feel free to leave a comment at the end of this blog post and we will use the comment fields as a quick discussion form so everyone can be included.

Good luck on your applications, I look forward to hearing from each and every one of you.

Here are just a few example of my own work in which I had a simple 2 light set up: