I couldn't be more excited and proud to say I will be photographing Kara and Steve's wedding this year. Such a fun and easy couple to get along with. What makes it especially great is all that we have in common, such as the love of Disney and sports, even though Steve is a Yankees fan.

I can't say enough great things about this this couple. Kara and Steve have a great attitude towards everything they become involved with and also show their immense interest in what I do, technically, artistically, and even my other hobbies.

For their engagement session, we headed over to Fairfield University where they both attended and graduated from. Enjoy the photos, next up, their wedding day!

Kara and Steve are also getting their jewelry for their wedding day at Rumanoff's Fine Jewelry. They are neighbors to me at my studio and great people. They also supply jewelry to a lot of my models for their photo shoots, make sure you check them out.