One thing I love to do is to better educate myself in different ways of photographing, lighting, and situations that I'm regularly used to. I called up a friend and fellow photographer, Matt Branscombe of BSC Photo, to see if he would be interested in collaborating on a fun shoot day. He agreed, so we took a day off, headed over to his studio, got a couple of models, and just shot away. What I find great about situations like this is we can bounce ideas back and forth, try different lighting techniques, and in the process, learn new things that maybe we weren't accustomed to. Matt's second shooter and assistant Chris was also on hand to shoot along side of us, and we just had a great day of creating great images. Thanks to our models Ashley and Maegan for taking their time to come shoot with us, and thanks to Matt from BSC Photo for hosting this get together at his studio.

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