Dicks Cottons Sunglasses is a company that has been tearing it up in the sunglass industry as of late and offers a great product. have been working with Dicks Cottons for almost a year now given complete creative control for some fashion shoots. Here is a behind the scenes look into one of the photo shoots with our model Anita, shot entirely at my studio in Hamden, CT. Our goal was to create some awesome fashion shots for promotions and publicity for Dicks Cottons Sunglasses. Be sure to check out Dicks Cottons Sunglasses online home at http://www.dickscottons.com, pick up a pair or two, and tell them David Apuzzo sent you.

Special thanks to all involved in the making of this photo shoot, including:
Model: Anita
Make Up: Jennie Fresa
Hair: Rachel Bastille (of Beauty Entourage)
Photographer Assistant: Cindy Recinos
Video by: Mike Falzone


  1. the sun glasses are super cool, i love the ones that have the iridescent tint!
    i love the concept of behind the scenes videos as well =)

  2. Jessica Westveer January 22, 2012

    LOVE their sunglasses!! Really excited about their new stuff even though all the stuff they have right now is great, I have a trapper hat that I wear all the time lol. I like the behind the scenes video to, I just like seeing what happened to make the final product on pretty much anything. Those red ones are really cool!

  3. Leon Deerr January 22, 2012

    Ahh I love the photography ! & the gorgeous women ! Supporting my man Rich @Dickscottons !

  4. Destiny Flanigan January 23, 2012

    Love their sunglasses and can't wait for the new stuff though i love what they've got already. I have a red pair :-)

  5. Brianna Molokie January 23, 2012

    Love the sunglasses, Jersey ready :)

  6. Valerie Theberge January 23, 2012

    Awesome shoot! Love the glasses and I loved the music!

  7. The shades are super fresh, not gonna lie

  8. Sergio Del-Linz January 23, 2012

    Great Shoot! Love all the shades! and would love a free pair! :D
    DICKS COTTONS!! #cantbeatDicksCottons

  9. Michelle Brigante January 24, 2012

    Awesome! Love the photos and the glasses, hope to win a pair ;)

  10. Great job! Very creative ideas!

  11. Cecilia Finch January 27, 2012

    Love the video. I love watching being able to see what goes on behind the scenes of a photo shoot. And as always it looks like you got some awesome shots. Dicks Cotton Sunglasses are pretty spectacular too, and I am living in the Sunshine State so I could always use another pair. haha. Great work, David! -Celia

  12. Briana Mash January 28, 2012

    The shoot came out wonderfully! :) Very fly.

  13. Love your work - and you know it! Thank you for the chance to win a pair of Dicks Cotton Sunglasses!

  14. Ashley Capone January 28, 2012

    David Apuzzo makes everything look amazing but these sunglasses are so hot they don't need much help looking fab! Dicks Cottons and David Apuzzo are a prefect blend of awesomeness!

  15. donna mckusick January 28, 2012

    Cool behind the scenes video. Love your work Mr. Apuzzo! ;)

  16. Janice Federico January 31, 2012

    Great video and great sunglasses!!!

  17. Jaimie DiMauro January 31, 2012

    your photography is amazing I wish I was pretty enough to model for you!

  18. yeah

  19. LOVE <3 SO PIMP

  20. Would Love to win a pair of these!! :D

  21. Tiffany Bryant February 3, 2012

    Love the video! Anita's hair, makeup and wardrobe were fabulous, love all the bright colors! David Apuzzo, your photography is amazing! Dicks Cotton sunglasses are so hot, love the colors and styles so much!, I definitely need a pair! Such a creative video, great to be able to look behind the scenes! Saw Amanda Pepin's photographs previously...absolutely gorgeous! Keep up the amazing work all! <3

  22. Kristen E. February 3, 2012

    LOVE Dick's cottons! Such cool colors they have. Also great video! :)

  23. I don't know what looks better the shades or the model haha

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